The Royals Band

The Royals Band of Fairmont, West Virginia was established in 1963 and had a musical run until 1984. Re-established in 2000, the Royals continued the tradition as the best party band in the land. In the early 70's the Royals received a 4 star rating from Billboard magazine for the record Coming and Going. Because of this, The Royals signed a five year recording contract with Robbins Productions and recorded several more songs in their New York Studio's.. During the 60's the Royals were fortunate to act as the warm-up Band for the Jive Five and Paul Revere and the Raiders. The Royals are also the only group from northern West Virginia to have appeared on Channel 11 Pittsburgh Saturday morning Bandstand Show. The Group has also participated in numerous Battle of the Bands contests with groups such as: Mike Fowler and the Upsetters, Emeralds, Bonneville's, JP and the Premiers, Pee Wee and the Profits, Mason Dixon's, and Elderberry Jack with Joey Cerisano. At a local performance of The Letterman, the Royals were introduced as one of the top groups in the tri-state area. Lead singer, Tom Wightman was asked to perform a song, which he did to great crowd pleasure. The Group also performed in Atlantic City in the mid-sixties. The band is also well known for playing wedding receptions and class reunions playing music from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.